Top 10 tips for finding Trekking Company in Nepal

  • Fri-Jun-2019

Top 10 tips for finding Trekking Company in Nepal

Not only in Nepal, wherever you are traveling to, being on guard and being cautious is very important; after all, you are in a totally different part of the world in the crowd of strangers.

Trekking is what Nepal is known for and the majority of tourists visiting Nepal intent to trek in the Himalayan foothills amid the serene beauty of snow-capped mountains. 

However, finding a good trekking company in Nepal or anywhere might be a  confusion. You may hear many praise and recommendation for those trekking company in Nepal, but when you actually take the service, you go through disappointment. So without falling for any false advertisement, here are some helpful tips for finding trekking company in Nepal to anyone visiting in here.

Look for Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) membership and Government Authorization

For the proper regulation of trekking-tourism in Nepal, registration with Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) is mandatory. If any trekking company in Nepal is found to be operating without the prior registration to these organization, then it is deemed illegal. 

Instead of falling for flashy advertisement, do a little background check of that trekking company in Nepal; know if they have a valid license and has an authority to conduct trekking activities. So before choosing any trekking company in Nepal check for their valid registration document in the website and if not available, then ask for legal documents that serve as proof of official recognition as trekking company in Nepal.

Also, if the trekking company in Nepal provides expedition, the look for their registration in Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). 

Reviews by client and testimonials

To know the level of service of any trekking company in Nepal, reviews and testimonials in their website and social media pages will give some insight. This way, you can have more authentic knowledge of the trekking company in Nepal and their reputation throughout the years.

However, you have to be careful in this matter as well because no trekking company will post the negative reviews on their website. There are websites that provide genuine reviews from clients; Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor are considered bests for the real review on agencies, their services, and travel and tours.

Client Handling

It ultimately comes to how any trekking company in Nepal handles clients. Along with the quality of service they offer, it is important how they actually handle the clients.

There are trekking company in Nepal that provides pre-trek services as well for accomplishing the trek successfully. You have to make sure that they offer the first-hand service and they heed your ideas and arguments regarding the destination you are traveling to. Choose a company which will prepare the itinerary based on the time you have, physical fitness and health condition. 

It is also better to know about the accommodation and food they offer, whether you will be staying in a guesthouse or outdoor camp. After narrowing down every aspect, choose the trekking company who goes as per your convenience and values quality.

Cost and Facilities they are offering

Being practical, the cost is the most important factor that seals the deal. There are many trekking companies in Nepal that charges a different level of price to customers. Even if you choose the same destination and same route, you can hardly find any two trekking company in Nepal adhering to the same cost. 

Well, it may depend on the accommodation and meals they are serving, so better investigate deep. And if you keep on going for cheap ones, then, although you will see the same mountains, the experience might not be worth remembering. So, if any trekking company in Nepal is charging higher cost, then ask for the detail and decide accordingly.

Experience Matters

There is no denying that the trekking company in Nepal are just too many. With a lot stronger prospect in tourism, hundreds of trekking company have been formed over the years; however, are they all worth it?

Even if you establish a trekking company in Nepal because you have money to invest on, but you cannot stay longer if you aren’t any good at it. So, in case of travel and tours, look for their years of experience, then you will automatically find the answer which trekking company in Nepal to choose. 

Longer the experience any trekking company in Nepal has, higher is the chance of better service. 

Safety Standards

Trekking falls under the adventurous sport but is not a very dangerous activity. But, when you are trekking in the mountain region in extreme weather condition, it can be a risky business, which brings us to the saftey standards of trekking company in Nepal. It is important to know what safety standards you trekking company follows for the safety issues of their clients.

So, while you are approaching any trekking company in Nepal, ask them about the safety standards for their clients and their actions in case of an emergency. Because of risk to scale up any further, there have been times when trekkers were bought down through helicopter evacuation. Better know this thing before going for any trekking company in Nepal.

Guides and Porters

Guides and porters are very important while trekking in Nepal; they help you with the right routes, carry your share of weight, and help you get into the Himalayan culture and tradition.

While considering the trekking company in Nepal, make sure that they have guides with valid certificates, experience, and expertise. Also, it is often the grievance of trekkers that guides are not too friendly, so inquiring about that as well.

Make an inquiry

Instead of depending on the review and recommendations, best make an inquiry by yourself. You can send an email inquiry and ask about the package and service. This way, you will know how they handle clients in first hand and if you are interested, then you set a meeting and go for the dream vacation.

Know about the founders

Knowing about the founders, you will know if the trekking company is service minded or money minded. There is a trekking company in Nepal which are just considered in attracting more clients, than providing the best level of service. 

So, a little digging on the founders will help you know about what kind of trekking company is he/she running.

Responsible Trekking Company

Tourism is directly related to nature and the effects on environment because of excessive human exploitation needs no introduction. Many trekking companies in Nepal has emerged to be a sustainable one; who educates their clients on being Eco-tourists and teaches responsible acts while on trek like taking care of own trash, using refill instead of buying several plastic water bottles and so on.

Amid all the environmental effects, it is wise for every tourist to go for trekking company in Nepal who adheres to sustainability. Those company follows the initiative of “leave no trace” strategy, which protects the environment and its biodiversity and respects the local culture, traditions, and customs.

Also, make sure that trekking company in Nepal aren’t just exploiting locals and their community for tourism attraction and the companies are supporting them to preserve their local culture and natural environment. Do make sure that if trekking company in Nepal encourages clients to purchase locally produced goods.

Choosing a trekking company in Nepal that supports the rule of sustainability lets you support and involve in environmental initiatives, even if it a small act for the bigger cause.